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The New Standard for Big Air Kiteboarding

A ruggedized housing now surrounds a more powerful processor and extremely precise sensor. Wireless charging, 24+ hour battery life, updated Bluetooth and many more little but important improvements mean that you can focus on kiteboarding while your WOO goes to work tracking every take-off, jump, and landing.

  • Wireless Charging

    No pins, no problem! Wireless charging improves the weatherproofing of the WOO and allows for faster charging between sessions.

  • New Processor & Sensors

    High resolution data means the WOO detects and measures everything you do on the water with more precisions.

  • 24+ Hour Battery

    For even the most hardcore kiters, the WOO will now record your entire weekend of riding on one charge.

WOO 4.0 vs. 3.0

Every component in the WOO has been improved to create the most rugged, capable device ever.

  • IP69K (5x Stronger)

  • 8x More Powerful

  • 8x Resolution

  • 4x Resolution

  • 2x Frequency

  • 24+ Hours (3x Longer)

  • Version 5.2 (2x Faster)

  • 50% Faster

  • 50% Brighter

4.0 Package

  • WOO 4.0 Sensor
  • 4.0 Charger
  • Classic Mount
  • Extra Mounting Tape
  • Board Prep Pad
  • Quick Start Guide
  • USB-C Power Source
  • iOS Phone
  • Android Phone
  • Garmin Smartwatch (Full List)
  • Apple Watch

Shipping August 2023

WOO 4.0s will be available to the worldwide kite community this summer.
Shipping priority based on date of order.