Life is unpredictable. Two years ago if you had asked any of us at WOO Sports what we would be doing right now, most of us probably would have had some ambitious dreams, but none of us would have predicted that we would be working at a startup developing a motion sensor for action sports. Yet, after the seed was planted in various arguments and discussions after kiteboarding sessions at our local spot in Boston, it was almost inevitable that WOO Sports would be founded. The opportunity to build an awesome business, revolutionize action sports and turn our passion into our profession seemed too clear.

Kiteboarders and entrepreneurs share a lot of attributes – strong passion, the willingness to take risks and get out of our comfort zones, the desire to take adventures and do things differently — so it seemed like a no-brainer for us to create WOO Sports. It’s the sweet spot between action sports, technology and entrepreneurship.


At WOO Sports, we’re down to earth people. We are passionate kiteboarders and action sports athletes that share a common vision. We are a bunch of hardcore engineers and professionals – some might call us nerds – with lots of “left brain” degrees and skills, but at the core of it, we are a “right brain” company. Things like low prices, widespread distribution, obnoxious marketing or “good-enough” quality don’t resonate with us. Instead, we live and breathe authenticity, honesty, emotion, creativity, joy and great product. That doesn’t mean that we won’t screw up, but rest assured that we pour our passion into making you, our customers, happy. We hope that the fun, passion, adrenaline and flow we experience when we go kiteboarding, skiing, snowboarding, you name it, transpires through our product. In the end, this is what WOO Sports is built on, and this is what all of us feed on day in and day out.


If you bought our product, you most likely understand the profound and positive effects kiteboarding and action sports can have on your life. Doing action sports is the most surefire way to get into a state of mindfulness, flow, happiness and community. Its something that makes you feel truly alive. As such, our vision is to use technology to drive people off their couches, away from their TV screens and out of their everyday lives into the fascinating world of action sports. We want to turn action sports into a big online game. Your kiteboard, snowboard, skis, skateboard – whatever it is – will become your game controller. As humans we are made to move, we are born to play, live outdoors and experience nature. We play with the elements, challenging ourselves and others. At the end of the day, if we drive more people towards that unique and raw experience, and we can say that we created happier and healthier lives for many of us, then, and only then, will we consider WOO Sports a success.

Leo Koenig
CEO & Co-Founder